RMA procedure

RMA  procedure

The definition of defective products falls into three categories as described below:
DOA (Defect On Arrival)
Defect occurs within three months of purchase.

IRMA (In Warranty of Return Merchandise Authorization)
Defect occurs after three months of purchase and before the warranty has expired.

ORMA (Out of Warranty Return Merchandise Authorization)
Defect occurs after the warranty has expired

The above terms are determined by the purchase date on the invoice up to the time the product is returned to DATACOMM.
DATACOMM's repair service procedure is as follows:

1. Obtain an RMA:
(1) Fill out an "RMA request form" and send it by fax or email to the corresponding RMA person and sales representative to  obtain an RMA NO. If you do not know who the correct contact person is, please check  Web site

2. Package and Delivery
(1) Returned products have to be packed properly to avoid damage during delivery.
(2) A copy of RMA request form must be deliveried along with the RMA products.

3. Product Check on Arrival
(1)  RMA OP personnel will check your product within eight hours of its arrival.
(2) If the product arrives undamaged and conforms to the conditions described on the "RMA request form," it will be transferred to  RE engineers for repair.

4. Repair
(1) The repair engineer will repair the defect as described by the customer. The product will also be tested to ensure it is in proper working order.
(2) If no additional problems are detected, we will notify the customer.

5. Charge
(1) Use DATACOMM`s carrier A/C to send RMA product to DATACOMM,Use customer`s carrier A/C to send back the replacement or repaired  products,or customer pay the shipping charge.
(2) The customer will be charged for repairs if:
ORMA terms apply
IRMA or DOA terms apply:defect was caused by abuse, misuse or unauthorized repair

(3) Repair engineers will provide a repair report for RMA products that will be charged.

6. Package and Shipping
(1) RMA OP personnel will properly pack the repaired RMA product along with a repair report and the copy of RMA request form.
(2) The customer will receive email notification of the request form.

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