Analysis of Present Status and Development of Data Center 40G/100G Optical Modules

Sales volume of global optical module has been increased by 12% in 2015. 100G optical module plays an important role in data center applications. As the data center market become more and more popular in both China and overseas, 40G and 100Gare persuited by the optical communication manufacturer.

The Market Situation of 40G / 100G Optical Modules

At present , the 40G market of North America has becoming mature, and will gradually be replaced by 100G module latter. The 40G market in China is still in strong need, and the period is expected to be continue at least more than 2 years.

For 100G optical module, 2016 will be a very important year. According to LightCounting's forecasts, the total demand for 100G optical module will break out 25% in 2016 and peaked in 2019. In domestic market of China, Telecom market demand for 100G CFP modules grew several times in 2016, I believe the follow-up demand will be very large. At the same time, Domestic date center market has a surge demand for 100G QSFP28 encapsulation which will shown bright performance in Q3 and Q4 season.

There are many similarities and differences between China and overseas, about the high-speed optical module.

Differences: In China, the main customers are system equipment manufacturers, so they will strictly in accordance with the requirements of telecom industry standard. To them, indicators and parameters are very important.

In overseas, data center operating manufacturers will purchase independently, each company has different standards and parameters.

Similarities: Firstly, the growing is very fast. Secondly, the development speeds are the same.

Datacommun is a leading high speed optical transceiver supplier in China. The company researches, designs, builds and markets 40G/100G high-end optical transceivers. Datacommun focuses on the development of large capacity, small size, low power, and cost high-speed optical modules.

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