Direct Attach Cable

Part NumberProduct DescriptionData RateReachWavelength No.ConnectorDownload
DC-FCEC-XXXQSFP28+SFP28+AOC100GUp to 100mDetail
DC-FCDC-XXXQSFP28+AOC100GUp to 100mDetail
DC-PYDC-XXX25Gbps SFP28 AOC25GUp to 70mDetail
DC-QQDC-XXX40G QSFP+ AOC40GUp to 100mDetail
DC-QQEC-XXX​QSFP+ to 4x SFP+40GUp to 100mDetail
DSO-92XXXCSFP+Active Optical cable10G1/2/3/5/7/10mDetail
DQO-QXXXCQSFP Active Optical cable40GUP to 100mDetail
DQ4OC-XXXCQSFP 1X4 Active Optical cable4*10Gup to 100mDetail
DPC-92XXCSFP+ Passive copper cable10G1/3/5/7mDetail
DQP-QXXCQSFP Passive copper cable40G1/3/5/7mDetail
DQ4PC-XXCQSFP-4XSFP Passive copper cable4*10G1/3/5/7mDetail
DAC-92XXCSFP+ Active copper cable10G5/7/10mDetail
DQA-QXXCQSFP Active copper cable40G10mDetail

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