10G SFP+ ER SONET 40 km Optical Transceiver


The DC-P9255CSN-40 is a very compact 10Gb/s SFP+ ER SONET 40 km optical module for serial optical communication applications at 10Gb/s. The 10GBASE-ER SFP+ optical transceiver converts a 10Gb/s serial electrical data stream to 10Gb/s optical output signal and a 10Gb/s optical input signal to 10Gb/s serial electrical data streams. The high speed 10Gb/s electrical interface is fully compliant with SFI specification (built in CDR on both TX/RX) and allows FR4 host PCB trace up to 200mm. The 10G SFP+ ER SONET 40 km optical transceiver is designed for use in a variety of 10Gb/s equipment SDH/SONET (9.95 Gb/s), Ethernet LAN (10.3Gb/s) and FC (8.5Gb/s and 10.5Gb/s). The high performance 1550nm cooled EML transmitter with TEC and high sensitivity PIN receiver provide superior performance for applications up to 40km SMF. The fully compliant SFP form factor provides high density applications, hot pluggability and low EMI emission. The SFP+ ER with CDR module electrical interface is compliant to XFI electrical specifications. The transmitter input and receiver output impedance is 100 Ohms differential. Data lines are internally AC coupled. The module provides differential termination and reduce differential to common mode conversion for quality signal termination and low EMI. XFI typically operates over 200 mm of improved FR4 material or up to about 150mm of standard FR4 with one connector.

Features of 10G SFP+ ER SONET 40 km Optical Transceiver

10Gb/s serial optical interface compliant to  SONET OC192/SDH STM64 and 802.3ae

Hardware/Software Rate select function for 8.5G and 9.95~11.3G data rate

1550nm cooled EML transmitter with TEC, PIN photo-detector

Built-in CDR on RX side with very low jitter (<0.18UI) enabling direct and longer  connection between transceiver module and host board ASIC

Built-in CDR on TX side with high input  jitter(up to 0.61UI) allowing direct link from host board ASIC to module

Line/client side loopback function

Operating case temperature: 0°C to 70°C

Applications of 10G SFP+ ER SONET 40 km Optical Transceiver

SONET(OC-192)/SDH(STM64) line card

10GBASE-ER (10.3125Gbps)

10GBASE-EW (9.953Gbps)

8.5 Gb/s Fiber Channel

10.5Gb/s Fiber Channel

Computer cluster cross-connect

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